The Way Is The Goal

Back in Istanbul

A wonderful travel of two weeks through the South of Turkey lies behind me. Together with Vero I have seen a beautiful part of Turkey. It totally surprised us to see such beautiful nature and often great Turkish hospitality.

As we went hitchhiking we met many very nice people who funnily enough at first all thought we were Turkish. Often one of the first cars that passed would stop for us, and the last ride we got was one we didn’t even ask for. They saw us walking, pulled over without hesitation and brought us to our destination 60 kilometers further away from theirs.

Back in Istanbul we stayed in beautiful Ortaköy, a highly diverse neighboorhoud filled with nice cafes and a beautiful view over the Bosphorus.

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  1. veromilla

    sounds so good! and……. sooo…. whats next!? :-)))
    can’t wait!!!

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