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WordPress Blocked in Turkey

Periods come and periods go. It is the life-cycle of our planet and its nature, which we are part off. It is so obvious and forms such a big part of our lives that especially men tend to neglect and forget. But it is here and it affects us all in the end. So it affected me, or shall I rather say my computer?

Over 3 years it served as a ‘true’ companion, a friend and a budy. Always there when I needed it and always helping me to experiment, whether it was for the purpose of writing, hacking, traveling, photography or keeping iın touch wıth friends and family, it served its purpose very well.

So that period is over now. From one moment to another the whole thing just freezed and still it refuses to continue after a maximum of 5 minutes run-time. It will cost too much money to repair, and the dealer and I can’t even agree where the problem lies. Forget about it; the thing will just have to be dumped.

Buying a new computer, a second-hand one, is obviously an option. As long as it is a light and small computer with a good battery, anything will do. But is it really worth the spending? Is it really what I want right now?

Life is constantly shifting. It is up to you -to a large extend- to let a shift be applied to you or not. Obviously buying a new computer the next day was one of my options. The only shift taking place then would be in my bank account and having the computer replaced.

Not doing that and instead filling in my life without my favourite digital tool, is just another challenge and an option that would allow a shift to take place.

So why not allowing this to happen and see how I can refill the gaps in time created by this perceived lack of … something. Maybe it might even bring me somewhere.

Time to leave Turkey, as the Turkish state forcefully blocked my website as well as all other websites using the blogging-services of

‘Access to this site has been suspended in accordance with decision no: 2007/195 of T.C. Fatih 2.Civil Court of First Instance’, is the message that now appears instead of the frontpage of WordPress.

Turkey is famous for restricting public speech. Here it is a crime to insult “Turkishness” and citizens who do so are persecuted according to Article 301. Likely, one blog that is using WordPress was found guilty of this and hence the whole platform has been blocked.

Earlier this year the same happened to You Tube. Only after You Tube removed the particular video, the website was unblocked again. If this is the case I really hope WordPress will not follow the example of YouTube. This Turkish law is very unjust and these type of actions ought not to be tolerated.

I cannot see my own website, though I am still able to post on it through Flickr, the website that hosts my photos.


  1. veromilla

    So much for freedom of expression… is this really the idea of a country moving forward? how can a person that is proud of being Turkish be ever offended… how does any person proud of being whoever/whatever they are can ever be offended? Bollocks! Censorship is ignorance, it is blindness, it is insecurity, unawareness, lack of knowledge it is… it is… restrictive, it is oppression, limitation in every way…

  2. Sirkka

    I am very sorry to hear this. Good luck with searching your next destination.

  3. Jasper

    this sounds horrible. but do you wanne leave the country because this happened?
    i guess you knew bevor that turkey doesn´t have he same free expression standards as the netherlands
    for example. well, if you don´t wanne live there anymore come back to BCN. I´ll be there.

  4. Sardinia76

    I’m sorry to hear that you are leaving Turkey so early, as you panned already to stay for quite some time there…..
    but it’s a good reason to leave, never without FREEDOM….move on, ciao

  5. Bekir L. Yildirim

    There is more than free speech involved here. A view on the matter from one of the “native” victims: “WordPress banned in Turkey: a case of throwing the baby with the bath-water

  6. sunshineforlife

    That sounds bad but hopefully you will get back the freedom using wordpress the soonest.

    Happy travelling “again”

  7. robino

    In the past week it became clearer why wordpress is blocked (some guy didn’t like what others wrote about him and somehow he got the judge to block all wordpress websites), and also ways how to bypass the block.

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