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It’s the rainbow season

Meanwhile back home it’s the occasional rain and sunshine that helps us getting through the wide tunnel of grayness and cumbersome times. The month march is always a hit or miss, and we definitely came back home when the cold was still present.

As such there was no need for coffee as the cold winds from the east blew my eyes wide awake, in the early mornings when bringing Novi back to his first days of Kindergarten. We did miss it, but at the same time obviously- we didn’t.

Rainbows only come after, before the Summer kicks in. When the rain meets the sun. That’s what I call hope. Or is it wishful thinking. Rain how I missed you. You make me long for the sun. The sun that I so much despise in the desert.

Ready, Steady, Grow

It’s been a while but we made it back home to Amsterdam from our trip to Mexico. Five months of warm weather, nice hot food, lots of (new) family and traveling a bit. Most amazing of the country is the total differences between the places. From hot and humid, to desert and mountains. The country is actually really big and very diverse. And the people mostly nice and welcoming.

Back home things have been going steady and mostly gentle. The boy is growing fast, and is a happy biker with his little push-bike. Every day we are out to explore the neighborhood. He goes to a daycare two mornings a week so we can have some time for ourselves too. As a close family, you quickly forget that we also have lives on our own.

As such, I have been picking up on my online work a lot lately, which is bringing us a decent income now. Also in that sense I am very happy that we have been able to make the much needed transition from Casa-life to Family-life. From a freestyle, mostly donation based way of life, towards more structure and paying the bills ourselves. In other words: growing further, moving on. Transitioning all the way and happy as a family man.

Dumpster Diving Photos

This photo is taken almost a year back already. I was going around dumpster diving Amsterdam West, to the market and some supermarkets. One of the things we found was a tree with trash-fruits… And the plants we found are still blossoming at home. A gallery of photos is available at Dumpsterdam.

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