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From Coast to Coast

From one part of the country to the other, Mexico is not a small country. It’s huge. And to travel from one part to the other is not done overnight. Especially if there’s family in between. But we did it. Slowly.

We started in Cancun but we’re in Mazatlan now, at the Pacific side of Mexico. It’s nice to be at the beach again. It’s different here than on the other side. Less Europeans than in Cancun (obviously). More Gringo’s. But also more Mexicans, which is good. Tourism is also a lot older here.

The beach is nice, not as pretty as the Caribbean but it’s good to swim. The waves are not so huge as they are more south in Chiapas – where we were 2 years ago. But it’s so to say pretty pacific and tranquil. And Novi is enjoying it very much too.

Travel Season

Wintertime in Holland, and hence the best moment to check out life in Mexico. Beach-life in the Caribean was our first stop, and now we enjoy family time in a desert city in the land of Dinosaurs. Things are good. Not always as easy but a lot better than last time. So far.

We are happy to be back and explore more of the country. Good thing is that it’s a lot familiar to me now, I am able to communicate a lot better with people and I definitely feel more at ease. So much so that I even missed being here. The food, the climate, the people.

It has gotten better since last time, especially with the small differences such as having a bicycle and being able to ride to places. As a family we are also much more experienced. And now that Novi is older (he hit the 3 years some months ago), we feel better capable traveling.

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