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Money-less traveling, steps of gold

It’s been just over two years now that I came back from my trip in Portugal, my first trip without using money, my first steps of gold.

Half a year later I did it again, in Holland & all by foot. As a result of my loving it, I also started a web-project in Dutch (my native language) about money-less living, geldloos, leven zonder geld.

Pegasus, a bike I once had

Pegasus, Bike in Barcelona by robokow

Yeah bikes! They are among the greatest things on the planet. And I have had many of them in my life. In the photo you see Pegasus, I bike I once drove in Barcelona.

Currently I got 6 bikes. Unfortunately I can’t use them all at the same time… ­čśë

Magic flute

Magic in your life, hitch, play and fly. A flute maker finds you on your way – after a long night of├é┬á├é┬ásleeping├é┬ácold along the highway – and he brings you further. You allow it, you surrender to the magic of the moment and you meet … your love.

She was dancing in the moonlight – in front of the bonfire on the tones of the flute you received, the flute that ‘has a life on its own‘ and that ‘will take you on an adventure’. Together you started a story that appeals and inspires, a story that truly can be called the magic flute trail…

Thanks – and I will never forget the beautiful Kira smile.

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