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Clowns Everywhere

what is the point

There is so much to write, so many things have been hapening lately. Been away to Denmark, there is a new collective photo-website, I am helping to organise an (un)conference on hospitality exchange, have been on an adventurous trip to Enkhuizen (fun!), friends are visiting from all-over, work is steady and the house in full progress. And then there is also a new movement for Apathy… More to come soon!

Travelling souls


Today a year ago I celebrated my birthday in Bern, Switzerland. Now that I have paused traveling I am excited to hear from friends who are themselves still on the road, or who just started traveling.

For example, whereas friend rouge is chasing German girls in South-East Asia, Ammasaisha is meeting guru-ground all around India. At the same time Leimac is having tons of fun with going his long way down by sand-boarding volcanoes in Latin America while Lasersurge sails the ocean, having been traveling for three years now. Or what about Chris, who is in Africa for over a year already?

Traveling inspires. Meet or be a traveler and you know what we mean by that: people that are out there, ‘away from home’ and creating their life by consciously dreaming – whatever that may be to us.

Special mention I would give Dani. He quit his job, took his bags and moved East. He is now in Tokyo creating great photography.

Everywhere Published

While traveling last year I discovered this great thing called photography, and it really hooked me. I started to see my surroundings with new eyes as I developed a new dimension of looking at the world.

So I noticed the many colors around me and I got intrigued by water, light, ducks, birds, scenes, children and the cuddling waves of water. A whole new world opened up for me and my camera became a natural extension of my experience.

Little did I expect when I also started uploading my photos, but recently I got selected for a travel magazine and one of my Istanbul shots got actually published. Today I found the paper version (pdf, 17 mb) in my new mailbox and I can say this much: photos really do look better when printed. Yeah!

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