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Cooking Red Lentil Dosa’s with Potato Curry

Twelve years ago was the first time I was in De Peper. I was squatting in Amsterdam East and De Peper had just moved to the hospital on the other side of the park. I still remember how great their vegan food tasted.

Jump twelve years in time and suddenly I am that cook making the food that people like. What an experience: being allowed to cook a meal for fifty persons in a restaurant with such a tradition.

And I didn’t joke around with the food. I started two days ahead with fermenting red lentils and rice to make dosa‘s (check this recipe) and on the day itself I made a potato curry following traditional Indian recipes.

Steamed Broccoli, a salad and deep-fried tempeh were accompanying the dish, that I prepared together with Manu. We served a French Onion soup as a starter, with freshly made sourdough bread. I can’t wait for the next session.


  1. arzainal

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  2. simon

    mmmhjam, lecker! Ich und Lina sind nächsten Samstag in Amsterdam, kochst Du da auch?

    • robino

      Simon! That’s very good news that you two are here 🙂 This Saturday De Peper isn’t open but it would be great if I could cook for you ! You wanna come to our house? I will e-mail you!

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