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Kneading the bread

The palms of the hand touch the dough gently but firm. To the front and back. Turning it, kneading it, shaping it. Then we let it sit, we let it grow. And after a nice stay in the oven, it turns into a beautiful and tasty piece of bread. Bon appetit!

Cooking Red Lentil Dosa’s with Potato Curry

Twelve years ago was the first time I was in De Peper. I was squatting in Amsterdam East and De Peper had just moved to the hospital on the other side of the park. I still remember how great their vegan food tasted.

Jump twelve years in time and suddenly I am that cook making the food that people like. What an experience: being allowed to cook a meal for fifty persons in a restaurant with such a tradition.

And I didn’t joke around with the food. I started two days ahead with fermenting red lentils and rice to make dosa‘s (check this recipe) and on the day itself I made a potato curry following traditional Indian recipes.

Steamed Broccoli, a salad and deep-fried tempeh were accompanying the dish, that I prepared together with Manu. We served a French Onion soup as a starter, with freshly made sourdough bread. I can’t wait for the next session.

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