The Way Is The Goal

Magic happens when you allow it

It has been 7 weeks since I left Amsterdam. I was planning to be on the road for some weeks only, but events led me to keep on going. And now I am back (again) in my old home-town: Barcelona.

I keep saying it, but it keeps amazing me how wonderful it is to hitch through Europe. This time things were a bit tougher than usual, I have been hitching through the night, had to sleep outside several times in parks and petrolstations, but every time there was a beautiful spot or people to help me out. And one night I even had a cat to accompany me.

Also, arriving at your next destination is even more wonderful when it takes you 3 or even 5 days to get there. From East Italy to Barcelona, with a stop-over in Avignon (France) to pick up a friend, took me that long. But somehow the rides and drivers, and how fluidly it moves into each other is simply beyond imagination… when you allow it to happen

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  1. vero

    when you allow it to happen…

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