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Hitching To Work

The roads are calling, the time is revealing. I have been on a trip here and there but traveling has rather been on a standstill. Let’s have that changed. Now.

So today I am hitching to work, to sign my contract and meet my new collegues. The office is in Den Haag, a 45 minute ride away and I can’t be bothered taking the train. Evenmore, I plan to do this on a weekly basis, as my new part-time job requires me to be in their office just once a week.

Before starting in this new position though, I will first hitch to Munich, further on to Slovenia and possibly even visiting other places in the coming two weeks. Can’t wait to be on the wider roads again, to be in other places and meet wonderful people while traveling myself.

Also see my new website about hitchhiking:

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  1. Fram

    Definitly not enough. Tell us more 🙂

    Succes in de nieuwe job hè! 🙂

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