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Traveling as a Profession

Traveling is biting the dust. You are not living the luxury tourist life but you live low-budget, maybe work while travel, be a bohemian, a troubadour, a busker sometimes, or a person who just finds a regular job at the temporary permanent location.

Traveling is not the same as being on holidays. The people I know who consider themselves travelers don’t have a home, work while they travel and are always busy with all kinds of things. I also consider traveling as a profession, a daily occupation, with some breakes in between.

Generally people on holidays stay at place A and maybe circle around it. But what is traveling? People on holidays do they also travel? When they are ‘traveling’ to their location or when they circle around their location?

Traveling as a profession means you are making it part of your life; it is your life. You are no longer a tourist leaving its fixed location to visit and consume another location, or someone with a regular job and place.

Traveling is also like school. You learn a lot. You know what it is to be dependent on others, you exchange skills and happiness. You are not just consuming a town, a city or a country, but many times also bringing something back into the communities you visit. Well, at least you try.

Traveling is a profession, a daily occupation, as you organise your life between life, work, pleasure, planning, traveling and relaxing. So my main question is whether I am on holidays, and I think not. I do touristic stuff, but I also work: I plan, I organize, I travel. Hitchhiking can be quite an exhausting activity too as it requires quite a lot of energy most of the times. And never to be able to really go ‘home’ is sometimes just another.


  1. Daniel

    I guess you will figure it out… while travelling?

  2. Daniel

    : )

  3. spot

    well, 🙂 , i think you are a hard working traveller.

    And i would say, there is a big difference between travelling and enjoying some holidays.

    As you said, you not just visiting places and take pictures, you really give somthing to the people. in my case, some interessting conversations, knwolege and a lot of joy.

    Yes, i would say, that you change the world in to a better world, day by day, mile by mile 🙂 (how pathetic…tztztz..)

  4. Fram

    Well, I don’t really agree with you, but what else is new. Some things don’t need some filosofic look-at. If you feel traveling is working, by all means, work your but of for all I care, just be happy with it!

    Me, I see traveling like we once did back in 2001: just take the car, take some money,leave without having a destination and when the moneys all gone you go home. But there is always a home, and for real, come on: you’ve got many homes to travel back to 🙂
    It’s a nice job you have though: never have to ask for a day off, you just do it. You must feel like Nike, no? 😉
    Still following with outmost respect, love the words, love the stories, love the fact you all love it too. With love, bigg kiss, you sistersometing 😉

  5. vatsala / steamroller

    Clarity of thought in words! absolutely agree with you.

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