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Novi Son

Life, where does it begin? How does it come into existence? Where does it come from? What is it?

The journey of discovery just started. Everything is new, everything is a surprise, each moment again. The eyes are open, and through the ears we hear… recognition of a voice. It’s a process of learning by sensing it all. Smells, sounds, feelings, touchings, tastes.

Lying on your belly, looking up, turning your head, laughing, drinking mothermilk. Crying just a little, of some dismay, just enough to communicate that you need some comfort. And then your eyes wide open: hello world!

And now you’re in my arms. Four months old today. And see how much you grow, how much you learn, how much you laugh and ‘talk’. Welcome Novi, it’s me, your daddy. Welcome into our life son.

Add Life

Eternity is commonly reflected by the symbol of an eight, as two mirrored circles that crosscut each other at one shared point. I love to see life in the same way.

And so I am now at that point when the movement of the first circle moves into the next. At the point when things that used to define my life bring me to the next phase, moving into the next circle with a full swing.

Casa Robino is not shared anymore as it used to be in the past four years – or in other words: I have retired from it. But out of it comes new life. And that’s the most beautiful thing I ever experienced.

Being. Me

The walls disappear into the light of a rising sun. The space is endless. I embrace this space and I stay still. I let it fill me.

First comes nothingness, then everlastingness. And immediately you know: it is here already, it always has been. It is the edge of a circle.

And this is how it breathes life: through us, forever, endlessly, being space and time, being the relativity that we represent, being you, being me, being … explicitly inexplicable.

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