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I Don’t Want a Career, I Want a Life

My biggest desire in life is to help enabling a world free of hierarchies. So when I did accept a job this year, I was only slightly enthusiastic. I needed some solid financial base and yes I was ready for a challenge but a corporate job was not on my list (at all). In the end I was relatively o.k. with giving it a green light for a while, until I would have at least build up some cash-reserves again.

There are good things about my job. I learned a lot about marketing, I got to understand the technologies that enterprises use to brainwash us, I traveled a bit, worked with some fine people and I learned a lot from them. But, there is so much more to life than just jobs and career.

So when to quit? There is never a better moment than now and I feel now is that time. There are so many useful things I can better direct my attention to, and there are so many more things I still want to accomplish in the near future, that most of my time in this office is wasted. And in the end, what is so useful about working for someone else‘s profit?

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  1. christopher

    I didn’t read your page, but uh… yeah.

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