Yala! Now those were some fine exciting days in Barcelona! I was back for a week and managed to see almost everyone that I wanted to meet. I had some good time relaxing in a yakuzi in some 5 star hotel near the beach but, really, even 10 stars isn’t as good as staying over with friends.

Luckily I was able to catch Yaniv just before he starts his trip through the Americas. I managed to see back old Barcelona friends Raoul, Birgit, Linda (x3), Chris, Celine and PP, as well as Dani, Margaret and Jan during crazy  lunches, nice dinners, and late-night bar hopping. I made some new friends (it’s an addiction…), took some great photos (more to come!) and bought myself a nice new plastic camera (fish-eye!).

Overall, it was a great time, with reflections from the past, intense moments, walking through roads I used to see everyday, being on squares where I ‘grew up’ and being surprised again and again with the vibrancy of Barcelona street life. Thanks (and I will be back again)!