The Way Is The Goal

Space for Movement

So much movement in so little time, it is like when sun and rain team up and show light in all colors. Slowly it builds up and bang it is there, right here, and I am in the midst of things, holding it in my own hands, realising it, fulfilling it.

A new job and at the same time a renovated house. Suddenly the base I had been working on is here, under my feet, above my head, it surrounds me, it carries me. No more nonsense, suddenly I have a house and a job, both with permanent contracts. And it doesn’t even frighten me.

Lots of work still needs to be done, but there is time and space to turn it into more than just a fulfillment of a promise; it is more than a dream that finally becomes true and a planning that becomes real. It is a space that opens up. A space for even more movement, that carries, facilitates and enables.


  1. that sounds like a lot of luck.. congratulations!

  2. Its sounds like a new challenge…I hope this stage provides you with another platform to experiment from and I wish above all that you continue enriching yourself. Hey! and what nonsense?…you are who you are because you went through all the previous random, funny, sad, traveller, vibrant, steady, foreign, structured, innovative, local, conservative, colourful, happy, fearful,…steps.

    All the best.

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