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Celebrating Bern

Robino Blowing a Candle

In Bern I have been treated very well. I just love the place. Not only have I been welcomed very well in Bern – I stayed with very good people who embraced me as if I had always been living with them – but also has it been the city where I’ve celebrated my birthday. And my birthday has been celebrating with style.

Of course, this day could not have gone by without talking to family and friends. On this blog and my Dutch site I received many nice congratulations. Also have I received phone-calls from all over the world. It was great to be in a place where I could hear some news today from almost everyone.

Tomorrow I am on the road again, to Munich. I will stay there over the weekend. In Munich I’ll take a couple of days off – it’s time for a short break…!

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  1. spot aka simon

    🙂 all the best for your life and your journey!

    i really hope to see see you again. in any case, i added this blog to my google-Reader.

    may the force be with you young Jedi!

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