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Trusting Freely

How one thing leads to another. How one ride goes into the next. Always bringing me further. I surrender to the route that is shaping me.

Grounded on earth, but flying like a bird. How do I decide what is next? I leave it be, I wait for ideas to come, play with them; juggle to see what stays up and which one lands in my hands.

Tidal waves come in and splash their drops. There is salt on my body and I allow the rain to wash it off. Naked, I deeply wish to always be.

Roaming freely, looking further, while taking my time to embed my feet… trusting what is underneath.

To Not Think

Walking around a city. My thoughts go nowhere. I listen. I listen how the sound of the river flows with those of the city: the cars, the trains that pass, a barking dog and fluttering birds. A man walks by and blows his nose. And I? I observe how I feel my surroundings.

Not to think is truly one of the most relaxing exercises that I regularly do. And the more I do so the more I seem to become one with what is around me, the more I am able to focus and understand, simply by being, by feeling, by listening, hearing, smelling, but mostly by not thinking, by sensing.

Listening to the silence inside myself, it becomes easier to find my answers, to find my connection with my inner self. I let myself be guided by what I feel inside and by what my surrounding (which is now inside) is telling me.

And then, little by little, step by step, you realise you don’t have to think in order to know what is next: the right time and place is always there, no matter when, no matter where you actually are. You have reached closer to who you really are.

Let it Grow

Each moment can give you a different view of what is around you. Rain, snow, sun or mist, an early sunrise, or a colorful sunset, they all bring you a different taste and view, a different mood and atmosphere. There is no moment better then any other; the scene is part of a constant change of light and other circumstances.

From where I am currently staying, it is only a 2 minute walk to be out of the city: no cars nor houses to bother me. So when I woke up early this morning, I took a hike in the surrounding nature. Just like the first day I was here, I woke up, saw the hills and decided to get on top of them. Pure beauty.

Because when I am discovering a new city the question of where did nature go is always on my mind. I feel missing it, I feel I am locked up somewhere. And I look for a river that streams through the city, a sea that borders it, a lake, the parks, hills, or simply the nature around the place.

In Salzburg this isn’t very hard. While I am sitting on a sunny balcony I have a first-line view on green hills, I hear birds and I feel a gentle sun. The view on the surrounding mountains with their white tops is very clear and the green on the hilltop in front of me, simply makes me jump out to reach for its top.

So after I jumped out of bed into the world, I found on my walk a little river bringing water down and giving life to the plants on its trail. I saw flowers waking up, a spider starting his day and a sun slowly evaporating yesterday’s rain. And I know for myself I am on the right track. I realise how to let it go, how to flow and  to make it grow.

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