Walking around a city. My thoughts go nowhere. I listen. I listen how the sound of the river flows with those of the city: the cars, the trains that pass, a barking dog and fluttering birds. A man walks by and blows his nose. And I? I observe how I feel my surroundings.

Not to think is truly one of the most relaxing exercises that I regularly do. And the more I do so the more I seem to become one with what is around me, the more I am able to focus and understand, simply by being, by feeling, by listening, hearing, smelling, but mostly by not thinking, by sensing.

Listening to the silence inside myself, it becomes easier to find my answers, to find my connection with my inner self. I let myself be guided by what I feel inside and by what my surrounding (which is now inside) is telling me.

And then, little by little, step by step, you realise you don’t have to think in order to know what is next: the right time and place is always there, no matter when, no matter where you actually are. You have reached closer to who you really are.