Notice how life passes. And see how we get absorbed by life’s drama. The drama that for some represents everything. And for others, nothing. As if, it’s unreal.

Drama is an experience. It is cultural by nature. It is what we live by. Drama can also, simultaneously, be beautiful as well as ugly. It is about the one who perceives. What is ugly for one, can be beautiful for the other. Drama is universal, but not how we see the drama itself.

And because of being absorbed by the drama, we often don’t notice the evolving patterns that cause or in fact may not be causing the same drama. Sometimes the drama is even about something else, without us knowing it. Sometimes the drama is the pattern that we think is causing the drama. It’s not even the drama itself, that is the real drama.

It raises the question: would you even want to live without drama? It would be very unfortunate. I guess we need drama. But what type of drama do you want? Maybe the drama that you don’t want, is the drama you do need. So that you realize that, after all, the drama is just drama. And that this is the beautiful part, as well as the ugly part, of drama.

It’s just what we call the drama of life. And I am happy to be part of that. Even when the drama goes unnoticed or remains untold.