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Life without Money


Living without money is a fun thing to do. It challenges you to live beyond the limits the current society imposes and it makes the best of you come out. How will you still eat, where will you sleep, how do you move around?

For a while now I am running a website in Dutch that covers these topics, and I provide examples of people living this way. The website is becoming a nice success, with around 5000 visitors a month.

For Kasper this was a clear sign he wanted to bring the website over the language border and make an English version of it. And so here it is: It is still fresh, and it isn’t as well covered as the Dutch version, but with every new article it will become a better guide on how to live a free live without money.

Eat this! Hacking rox

Eating Pasta out of a box

Seems like yesterday that Lemonhead and Guaka were sitting on the couch here. It were the early days of Casa Robino -although that name didn’t exist yet. And it was during an unconference on Hospitality Exchange and Bewelcome.

Now Guaka got me into online advertising and I find myself making my first euro’s.

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