A child on the breast is one of the most intimate and loving acts out there. It’s life itself passed on from one person to another, from mother to child. It’s a beautiful process to witness how energy and security is shared. We see how much a baby needs this, not just for nutritional need but also for the baby’s emotional development.

As a third-person you may think there isn’t much to do for you. Though, nothing less is true. Mothers who breastfeed need to feel supported. And that’s just as important as the act of breastfeeding itself. Without support a mother wouldn’t be able to do it.

Support includes, among other things, the security of housing and food, as well as warmth, time for breastfeeding and love. But it also includes full support for public breastfeeding. There is quite some men that do not support public breastfeeding. As a result (among other reasons) many women fear to feed their babies in public. They use a blanket to cover it up or stay home. Since many babies don’t like to be covered when older, many mothers stop breastfeeding much sooner than desired.

Therefore shame on us men! I know it’s hard to disassociate breasts from sex. We rather not see a woman’s breast out in the open feeding a baby; it makes many of us feel embarrassed. This is a real threat. Because of many men who are unable to support public breastfeeding, babies get less of it. And because we see less of it, we are less able to deal with it in a natural way. And that’s something that really could use more attention.