Robin(o) goes by different definitions.

1. Some kind of a human-bird that cannot fly nor lay eggs but does other tricks that could make one think he is a bird; “he likes to pajariar”.
2. An individual human being that can be an annoying person from time to time; “he makes no sense”.
3. A dedicated person with a lot of care for others, but who kind of tries to keep his world manageable; “he remains passionately reserved”.


I was born in April 1978 in a Dutch town with 25 churches and 1 bar. At the age of 20 I moved away start commence my journey that made me live in places such as Amsterdam, Durham (England), Barcelona, Berlin and Istanbul.

Currently I live in Amsterdam together with my son (co-parenting). One day I would like to move elsewhere but for the time being we are grounded.


I do online publishing. I manage and design websites, I write most content of these website myself and do the marketing/seo needed. I have designed quite some websites for myself, for ngo’s and other organisations or people that I can adhere to, such as non-profits or friends.

I strictly work with GNU/Linux and Free Software, at home and for work. I manage hosting with Debian. I use CMS tools such as WordPress & Drupal in addition to static site generators. I like websites to run fast and to have a clear, simple design.


I believe in sharing and in community. I once had set up my house Casa Robino as a place where long-term travelers or nomads could find a (returning) home (this kind of stopped with the child). I also traveled a lot, mostly by thumb or foot and even moneyless. When I can, I still do travel but not anymore for months in a row or longer.

In an even further past I have also been involved with grassroots politics around climate change, ecology, globalisation and open-publishing. I worked as a journalist and marketeer. I have a masters in Judo, Political Science and Dumpster Diving.