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Bikinis and speedos, busloads full
Bikinis and speedos, busloads full. Eight in the morning; the first site on our programme. Quick, quick, let’s walk down, there is just half an hour over. Shooting photos, taking poses, make a distance, turn left, turn right, is my hair still allright? Read further in Everywhere Magazine.

Live it and you will love it
Breathing life in every corner, Istanbul feels as a living organism uncomparable to any European city; it’s massive and tiny at the same time. Take off your glasses, take away your prejudgments and explore this city as it wants to be seen: cosmopolitian, a city full of life and beyond the touristic hotspots a largely undiscovered city that never stops surprising. Read further in JPG Magazine.

Exploring Cosy Zagreb, a Changing City
Sometimes you come to places with a touch of magic. Take Zagreb. Here it feels, above everything, really cosy. It’s a city of one million but it feels like a town thanks to its picturesque medieval center, lively markets and friendliness everywhere. Read further in JPG Magazine.

Healthy Food For Your Creative Self
Not often do you find Lyon listed as a popular destination for tourists. Nevertheless, the city has something very special. It is centrally located and as it is relatively small also much easier to visit then for example Paris – but still equally beautiful and highly diverse. Read further in JPG Magazine.

Ile de Porquerolles

A Golden Island on the Cote d’Azur, 4th of April 2007.
A small Mediterranean island that is for a big part still untouched, which is rocky, and filled with beautiful nature. The Porquerolles island, a natural reserve area, lies peacefully just of the coast in the South of France along the Côte d’Azur, next to two smaller islands.

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