Robin(o) was born in April 1978 in a Dutch town with 25 churches and 1 bar. At the age of 20 he moved away to commence his journey that made him live in places such as Amsterdam, Durham (England), Barcelona, Berlin and Istanbul.

Currently he lives in Amsterdam. He is married to Gabriela, from Mexico, and together they have a son: Novi.

I work

My work has a focus on online publishing, webdesign and webdevelopment. I manage and have (co)designed a couple of websites for nonprofit projects. I also have some commercial websites on different topics that generate passive income. And I also take on work for organisations or persons that I can adhere to, such as non-profits or friends.

I strictly work with GNU/Linux and Free Software, at home and for work. I manage hosting with Debian. I use CMS tools such as WordPress & Drupal in addition to static site generators. I like websites to run fast.

I love

I believe in sharing and in community. I had set up my house Casa Robino as a place where long-term travelers or nomads could find a (returning) home. I also traveled a lot myself, mostly by thumb or on foot. But this isn’t so recent anymore.

In a further past I have also been involved with grassroots politics around climate change, ecology, globalisation and open-publishing. I worked as a journalist and marketeer. I have a masters in Judo, Political Science and Dumpster Diving.