More than 10 years ago I was one of the first persons to receive news about it. To me, that’s still one of the funniest anecdotes I remember about Bitcoin.

There are even funnier stories about Bitcoin and me. Like how I started mining with the first Linux bitcoin wallet on an Eee pc, but obviously never mined anything with such a small device. Or what about how I had a wallet set up for donations for my former hospitality home, received my first bitcoins in the form of Satoshis, and then… lost the thing. How wealthy I would have been already!

I never took it so serious though. To me the implications were rather political than private. Besides, it was a time of experimenting, of buying pizza. A lot of digital things were still just starting. (Looking back, it really feels remarkable having seen stuff like Wikipedia, WordPress, Bitcoin and Google take off).

Bitcoin is a wonderful thing though: to be your own bank, and to be able to have your own savings accounts without a bank, and to be able to send money around without any third parties involved. It’s simply revolutionary. I am therefore very positive that this form of money will eventually become the standard.

Personally I never got into the Bitcoin thing for real. I experimented with it back in the day. I do know a lot of people who became huge fanatics and evangelists, and who promote it whenever they can. It’s true that the political implications can be tremendous and that it’s a really great way to bypass the current financial roads most traveled. This is what makes it so great.