It’s just crazy; for so long I have been editing WordPress posts in silly html and only now I discover there is also a great Markdown plugin. Markdown gives a really easy method to control the output of your text. It really is very easy.

The first time I encountered a type of markdown is when I started editing Wikipedia articles in 2001. The Wikimedia syntax is also fairly easy and a lot easier and cleaner to edit text with then plain html. Markdown is a different syntax that came around some years later and is even easier.

I started writing in Markdown when I discovered Jekyll, a static site generator. After that I was missing it badly in a WordPress environment. But now, together with the ability to add and edit posts through the command-line, I can finally do away with the admin interface of WordPress and I can easily ignore my browsers. Yeah!

Update: After saving this post, I notice that wp-cli is not saving it as markdown, maybe that’s a bug? Need to investigate. Also the markdown syntax for linking doesn’t work as expected.