Writing in Emacs – Finding The Right Editor For Me.

Why would I write in Emacs? I tried Vi and liked it but it doesn’t suit me as well for the purpose of just writing. I find it difficult that in order to navigate the text I have to leave the input or text mode. After having used Vi multiple times I still haven’t gotten the hang of it. It’s just not friendly enough to me.

So at the same time this is also a good oportunity to see what else is there for me (except nano, haha). I guess Emacs is more to my liking. Although it also comes with disadvantages, it is less hard to just start with it. Vi is great but I guess not for me (at this point at least). Emacs gives me a better touch and feel. Besides it’s also slightly more intuitive to the way I use my machine.

Though, I am just at the start of this. I still don’t even know how to use search. Learning the vi keybindings is a great benefit though, as you learn how you can navigate with one hand only. And you don’t have to use the ctrl-button so much as in Emacs. Which is a great benefit (think emacs pinky). But that benefit comes with a cost: the need to leave the text input mode in order to navigate.

So why wouldn’t I use a GUI-like editor, such as Gedit for example – which is a great application and also has syntax highlighting. That’s simply because I don’t want to leave the command-line. I’d like to hang in there as much as I can, simply because once you get it, it’s more fun and efficient than having so many windows open.

As with everything, I will be learning as I go. There is good things about both editors and it’s just about using either of them to see which will stick with me. I also should be following up more on the vimtutorial more than what I’ve done so far to find out which one really is better for me.